Draft of an Email sent to NCOSA Auditor Beth Wood:



Dear Ms. Wood;

April 2014 saw the release of your first evaluation of the NC Physicians Health Program.


It was a start. 


Those among us who have been abused felt it was inadequate, but it was a start and we would like to congratulate your agency on taking the problem on.


The report said that a follow up audit would be done in 18 months.  This is being written 9/29/15 and sent you to.  18 months would place the follow up study to be released in 10/2015.  One would assume that the next report is being prepared at this time.  Perhaps the initial draft has already been released to the NCPHP for their preliminary review as your agency is obligated to do by statute.


I apologize in advance if this Email provides to much information with to little time to address key issues, however the material it refers to has only very recently become available itself.


I am aware of several individuals who have filed complaints with the NC Professional Licensed Counselors Board http://www.ncblpc.org/ regarding issues with the Clinical Director of the NCPHP.


If the truth were to be told, there would be many more complaints filed to the NC Medical Board www.ncmedboard.org about the CEO, Medical Director and other physician(s) affiliated with the NCPHP.  It’s well known however that this would be a waste of time due to the corruption within the NCMB which has been brought to your attention and for which no report other than the August 2014 report addressing the deficiencies found in ALL of the professional boards & licensing agencies within this state and their inability to abide by the rulings required for their oversight by the state 


Your department has been advised of an enormous number of problems with these agencies, especially the Medical Board, Medical Society & Physicians Health Program.


Unfortunately, to date, none of these have been adequately addressed in our opinion.


We do congratulate you however on attempting this herculean task.


There are three websites which are frequented by health care providers and other interested parties.  These sites have taken on the issue of Physician Health Programs from the national perspective.  This is a problem that is NOT unique to NC!


In the interest of giving your agency every bit of information possible to review in preparation of the release of your follow-up audit of the NCPHP, I felt obligated to present this material for your departments review.  Many of these sites have “Comments” sections at the end of the articles.  The volume, intensity and cohesiveness of the comments offer an especially noteworthy, sad and convicting independent perspective on the functioning of these entities across the nation. 


North Carolina’s PHP is also called out specifically in a large number of these comments.


Please review and consider these prior to the release of your follow-up audit of the NCPHP.






















Another Wounded Healer