Anonymous 1


He practiced in FL 23 years without an appearance before their Medical Board.  Accepted a position 12/2011 at a private multi-specialty group in High Point.  6 of the 15 providers there had been before the NCMB on disciplinary matters (highly unlikely statistically).  The group's principal would offer re-employment when the provider was cleared to return to work at half of the original salary.



Army Medical (Suspension not reported to the NCMB

NCMB investigator  proved he had not been notified of a suspension which happened after I resigned.  He was also unable to find evidence of actions warranting suspension.  He stated this verbally 12/2011 to my attorney and me at the conclusion of his investigation. Currently my record at Army Med Ctr shows no evidence of disciplinary issues.

Lyssa F.

Alleged he violated HIPPA by loudly broadcasting her name and that she was an addict “all over the office”; This would be a criminal HIPPA breach,  evidence proves his innocence.  This was never investigated by NCMB.

Joyce K

Alleged he disrobed her in exam room for annual physical with chaperone in room; Chaperone’s affidavit notes that patient requested his assistance (demented patient). This was never investigated by NCMB,

Ms. M (85 year old spouse of patient)

Complaint by son that he had made her uncomfortable in exam room while reassuring her that my patient/her spouse was going to recover from his infection OK; he did try to comfort her, but allegation is here-say as complaint that did not come from the person touched. This was never investigated by NCMB.  This is a classic example of  his Asperger’s inability to read nonverbal cues.

Nikki S

Overdosed on medications prescribed by other prescribers the day after seeing him.  Investigation by NCMB cleared him of wrongdoing.

Clara R

Daughter alleged that he refused to see patient.  He was never notified patient was in office without a scheduled appointment.  Daughter assumed he owned the large practice; he was merely an employee. NCMB cleared him of wrongdoing.

Dee I.

Disgruntled former employee whom he had never seen complained that he did not notify her of his leaving practice after the NCMB refused to return him to practice.  NCMB cleared him of wrongdoing.

Susan C

Seen 12/22/12; he saw 35 patients while short-staffed due to the holiday. She claims her knee touched his privates while he reached for the otoscope behind where she sat on the exam table.  Furthermore, she claims to know his “thoughts, feelings and future intentions” and has been on prolonged amphetamine therapy, which causes paranoia.  He passed a second polygraph that he voluntarily took on his own initiative and cost regarding this. Why would he do this if he were guilty?  He has absolutely no recollection of this patient as the polygraph showed.