Practiced in Asheville NC for 34 years as an ophthalmologist and primary care doctor without ever coming to the Boards attention.

2/6/11 while shopping at Sam’s Club in Asheville with his disabled wife suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he bumped into a family from Pakistan.  They and their children were blocking the aisle that he attempting to guide his wife down.  Dr. S pushed by the wife/mother of the children and made a remark that they should go back where they came from.

They found out that he was a physician and complained about this to the NCMB, despite the fact that it had absolutely nothing to do with his practice of medicine.

When the investigator from the NCMB attempted to contact him he refused to speak to the investigator about it, stating that it had nothing to do with his practice of medicine and was thus none of the Board’s business.

The medical board subsequently forced him to travel to Raleigh, when he refused to accept the legal counsel that the Board recommended to him, he had to spend a day at their offices listening to trumped up charges and lectures from the Board’s attorneys.  The Board subsequently forced him out of practice.