Anonymous 2

9/2005 became acquainted with patient and started treating him and included wife in sessions.  Patient’s wife died suddenly.

10/2006 stopped seeing Pt. “A” since patient “A” was ready to stop therapy, terminating the physician-patient relationship.  Several weeks later saw patient socially, developed a relationship and started to re-prescribe controlled and non-controlled medications for “former” patient that she was in a relationship with.

Referred to NCPHP then Acumen.

12/2007; Indefinite suspension of license

11/2008; Requested reinstatement; denied because she had married the pt. which they felt put her at future risk of boundary violations.

2/2009; requested hearing

7/12/12; Given consent order to reinstate license to practice but not allowed to practice psychiatry.

*** GROSS injustice! Public Letter or Reprimand would have been adequate!  This doctor had the gall to MARRY a FORMER patient thus being forced to “voluntarily surrender” her medical license (what were the consequences for failure to do so?  The Consent Order doesn’t spell it out). 

Since this physician married a former patient, she was at risk of sexually abusing future patients?  Seriously?!

She went without a license for seven years for this!