Anonymous 3

11/28/11 pleaded guilty to filing false claims or using false statements Re; health care matters in Virginia, sentenced to 6 months home confinement, 3 years supervised probation and ordered to repay $48K in restitution.  She had been in the USN as a Commander for 30+ years.  The Navy (USN) had concern Re; fraudulent marriage 1/2006.  Her spouse obtained health care benefits.  Her sexual orientation previously investigated by the USN, sheÕs gay, but had married a male to try to ŌhideÕ her orientation from the USN with the subsequent adverse consequences from the USN for that form of behavior.

She began steps to take a divorce, finalized 11/2010. 

4/3/13 Denial of License.  Failed to satisfy NCMB due to conviction of a felony within the USN due to marriage to a man.

7/9/13 Received full unrestricted license with Reprimand, $5K fine

***Why was this person who was legally married subjected to these travesties?  She was fined $5,000.00 while applying for licensure in NC simply because the NCMB could get away with it; there was no other reason for the fine, the reprimand will plague her for the rest of her career as it is reported to the National Practitioners Database, which means that itÕs a permanent part of her file.