2008 surgeon developed paresthesias of hands and sought neurology evaluation and workup, no explanation given.

Later, due to concern of symptoms affecting performance he chose to stop surgery

Diagnosed with a vitamin imbalance that resolved within weeks of changing his supplement regimen, allowing resumption of surgery.

During the time of his evaluation NCMB received complaints.  Patient “A-B” failed to meet the acceptable standards of care.  NCMB was concerned about this and his self-prescribing testosterone.  Medical Treatment of “A-H” exhibited “unprofessional conduct” including failure of medical ethics.  He sought care from an endocrinologist who continued the testosterone due to low levels.

9/2009 Indefinite Suspension due to “unprofessional conduct” as described above.

2/2010 SC License restricted him to working only in penal institutions

2/2012 SC removes all licensure restrictions, still suspended in NC

***Extremely harsh treatment, no evidence of NCPHP involvement.  He had a medical issue for which he sought assistance.  He did self-prescribe testosterone for valid reasons; that should be treated as a mild infraction of the rules.  He apparently failed to pay the right amount to the appropriate members of the NCMB.  Website offers no evidence of alleged negligence/unprofessional conduct examples.