NCMB Action


2009 03-11

NCMB became aware that he had practiced medicine in NC without a license by calling in Rx’s from VA for family and friends, had failed to answer a question correctly on his application

NOTE: I’m unaware of any doctor anywhere who hasn’t called in a prescription across state lines for an established patient who is on vacation and needs a refill or has a similar urgency.  It has never been prosecuted as “practicing medicine without a license” in any other state to this evaluators knowledge.



2010 01

Consent Order/Reprimand/6 month suspension immediately stayed


2011 10 26

DUI 0.14 BAC, Pt immediately met with NCPHP after DUI, interviewed by NPHP and evaluated at a facility specializing in professionals

2011 12 05

Left NCPHP without accepting recommendation for additional evaluation

2011 02 01

NCPHP sent letter recommending 3 different treatment centers


2012 02 08

Arrested for assault on a female, charges later dropped


2012 02 13

Was evaluated at Shands Evista Gainesville for treatment per NCPHP’s order,  under protest, as provider wanted evaluation done in NC.


2012 02 15

NCMB issues order for examination by Shands requiring Dr. Fenn to submit to any further treatment ordered by Shands and to provide NCMB Shands treatment.  Shands diagnoses of EtOH/cocaine abuse/anger mgmt. requiring treatment.  NCPHP reminds patient to abide by recommendations, pt. promised NPHP he would seek treatment @ The Pavilion Center in NC 2/19/12

2012 02 20

Didn’t show for treatment @ Pavilion


2012 02 21

Still treating patients, he tells investigator that he’ll be evaluated 3/5-9/12 although NCPHP has not approved this center in California



2012 03

Summary Suspension of License, multiple continuances requested.


2013 08 06

Wake County General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division states the treatment center he chose was acceptable although NCMB had stated he had to go to a NCMB chosen facility, superior court reversed NCMB decision