Matthews, RJ

2000 he developed personal feelings for a patient.

He discusses the situation with the NCPHP & NCMB who advise him that he should terminate his relationship with the patient and check with his Department of Psychiatry Chairman at Duke if there’s anything else he should do.   He does so and terminated his professional relationship with the patient. 

After ending his relationship he provided her with 2 prescriptions for a specific medical condition.

2/2001 Advises patient he’s terminating their relationship; she engages an attorney alleging neglect and unprofessional conduct on his part.

9/2001 After discussions with Duke University and NCPHP he surrendered his license and voluntarily enters therapy with a psychiatrist recommended by NCMB & NCPHP.   He reminds the NCMB & NCPHP that he had sought their counsel prior to terminating the therapeutic relationship and beginning a romantic relationship with his (former) patient.  The response he gets is that “we don’t provide legal advice”.

He then relocates to TX where he was allowed to practice

8/2006 Consent Order;