Niemeyer, M

NCMB Investigation showed opiates being prescribed to patients with inadequate exam, history, and assessing efficacy of medications.  Physician maintains that he did nothing improper, had documented adequate history, exam, diagnosis and plan including assessing the efficacy of prescribed medications.  States that this is just another case of the NCMB using reviewers that will give them the answer that they want to hear.

5/14/09 Motion for Full-Board Hearing

Unfortunately he had difficulties financially and was forced to accept the proposed consent order.

7/2009 Consent Order; Reviewing above Suspended for 3 years, stayed other than 8 months, shall not prescribe Schedule I, II, III, IV.  At the end of the suspension may request relief from this.  He must write a written apology acceptable to the Board President and Staff regarding his conduct, obey all laws, keep address currentÉ

***Where was the NCMB-mandated CME class on record keeping and prescribing of opiates?  It sounds like he was trying to get in front of the Board and then foolishly allowed himself to be talked out of it.