NC Office of the State Auditor Review of the NCPHP:

The NCMB has never been audited by the state, despite numerous requests by us and others to have it do so.

The INITIAL April 2014 report on the NCPHP released by Beth Wood and her NC Office of the State Auditor ignored the NCMB.


It was also overly lenient on the actions of the NCPHP.  


Commentary on the deficiencies of the April 2014 NC Office of the State Auditor Report.


The April 2014 report was subsequently changed from the report initially published, without any notification that the initial Performance Audit had been changed.


Originally, the NCOSA stated that the audit would be repeated 18 months after publication of the April 2014 report.  This meant that it was due to be repeated however in October 2015.


Review of the NCOSA report dated April 2014 done when the new October 2015 report was due showed that the recommendation to repeat the NCOSA Performance Audit for Compliance HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE ORIGINAL REPORT!  No explanation was given for this change of the original report.  The original report and it’s recommendations were suddenly, mysteriously gone. 


This is forgery, a fraudulent action conducted by the NCOSA, it had been altered after publication, neither reason for this, nor mention that it had happened is available online.


J. Wesley Boyd, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard and bioethicist wrote a commentary article published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine September 2015 and in the AMA Journal of Ethics of October 2015 as a special contributor.  In both pieces that he wrote, he commented on the fact that the NCOSA was due to repeat the performance audit of the NCPHP in 18 months or October 2015.  The fact that the NCPHP Performance Audit was due to be repeated in October 2015 is well documented by Dr. Boyd.


2/21/19 the NCOSA finally published the follow-up performance audit of the NCPHP  due in October 2015.  The report published by the NCOSA in 2019 has numerous problems.


Why would the NCOSA knowingly publish a forgery online? 

What is their involvement in the illegal activities of the NCPHP?

The NCOSA has been asked repeatedly to investigate the NCMB.  This has not been done.

Governor McCrory had been notified repeatedly of the problems with the NCMB & NCPHP and asked to have the NCMB investigated by the NCOSA.

This was not done.

AG Cooper (Now Gov. Cooper) was asked to investigate the NCMB—this was never done.

Numerous parties have made these requests, physicians who have been harmed illegally, criminally by these entities (they are not state agencies per SCOTUS, since they lack adequate state supervision) and others.

The NCOSA has yet to respond.


Why does the NCOSA endorse the continued illegal, or more properly, criminal activity of the NCMB, NCPHP and other “boards”.

Why won’t government officials including the Governor, Attorney General, Auditor, or members of the Program Evaluation & Development Committee charged with oversight of Boards respond to this?
The FBI claims it’s top priority is corruption in public officials, both appointed and elected. 

Despite numerous notifications of these issues, they’ve declined to touch it.


Clearly this problem won’t be resolved at a state level.  The only other options appear to be Federal investigation or an opportunity for the fourth estate


The August 2014 NCOSA financial audit on Occupational Licensing Boards & Commissions shows progress.

There were important key findings;

1.     Boards operate with ineffective oversight from state-level entities.

2.     Twenty-one of 57 Boards (37%) did not comply with reporting deadlines set by NC General Statutes.

3.     Six of 57 Boards (11%) did not comply with Board member training requirements.

4.     Analysis of Board operational and financial information identified items for further review.  These items include complaint resolution, inspection efforts, and financial position.

Key recommendations were made by the NCOSA;

1.     The General Assembly should clarify which state-level entities have oversight authority and specific responsibility for monitoring Board activities.

2.     Boards should comply with reporting and training requirements.

3.     A master list of occupational licensing boards should be maintained and shared among state-level entities.

4.     Responsible state-level entities should work with legislators and Boards to develop meaningful financial and performance measures.

5.     State-level entities should regularly monitor and follow-up on non-compliance and unusual measures as necessary.

Hopefully, this will be a precursor to a more complete evaluation of the NC Medical Board.


In November 2014 an Amicus Brief was filed with the Governor, Joint Committee on Program Evaluation, NCOSA & FBI among others, regarding NCMB/NCMS & NCPHP activities of 2014. 

Practitioners who have attempted to defend themselves pro se in front of the NCMB are strongly urged by the staff there to obtain counsel.  They are specifically steered toward certain attorneys who work exclusively with or spend a great deal of their practice in dealings with the NCMB.  These attorneys then charge exorbitant fees; it’s not uncommon for fees of >$100,000.00 to take to formal hearing a case without substantial witnesses with minimal wrong-doing on the part of the practitioner with allegations against them.  The extremely arbitrary nature of punishments also strongly suggests such fraud and extortion on an institutional scale as demonstrated below.  More evidence is available on request; a decade of Board Actions has resulted in over a hundred such cases.  This involves all of the attorneys on staff at the NCMB.

Outrageous delays in dealing with provider’s who have had allegations made against them are not at all unusual—they seem to be part of the NCMB strategy to force providers to accept punitive actions.

The NCMB has oversight and is responsible to the Joint Legislative Program evaluation Oversight Committee a bicameral, non-standing committee composed of the following legislators.