Cast of Characters:NCMB Administrative Staff and Attorneys


Attorneys specializing in "Defense" of physicians who work with the NCMB


NCPHP Operatives

Pascal Udekwu MD 2017 President


Current NCMB Members:

Cheryl Walker-McGill MD

2016 President

 Timothy Lietz  MD Secretary/Treasurer

Eleanor E. Greene MD, MPH

Debra Bolick MD

Barbara Walker DO

Bryant Murphy MD, MBA


Venkata Jonnalagadda, MD

Venkata Jonnalagadda, MD


Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, PA-C

Reamer Loren Bushardt PA-C


Jerri L. Patterson, NP

Jerri L. Patterson, NP



Ralph A. Walker LLB, JD



A. Wayne Holloman


Michael J. Arnold, MBA

Michael J. Arnold MBA


Fred Morelock

Independent Administrative Law Judge for NCMB Hearings


Past Presidents;

Prior NCMB Presidents

Paul Samuel Camnitz MD (Retired) 2014

(Also served on NCPHP Board of Directors)                                                                              

George L. Saunders III MD President 2009

William Walker MD Past President

Helen Diane Meelheim FNP-BC

Michael J. Arnold, MBA, Political Appointee