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This site is dedicated to the dozens to hundreds of victims  abused by and those who have died  as a result of the actions of the “all-powerful, irresponsible” North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB), and the North Carolina Physicians Health Program  (NCPHP) for impaired practitioners. 


These organizations have often subjected NCMB licensees to unwarranted discipline.  Both organizations as well as the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) have been known to refuse to follow statutes, professional codes of ethics, to provide due process or follow the legal avenues proscribed for them by law.  The FSMB or Federation of State Medical Boards has fostered their behavior by incentivizing harsh discipline of physicians by state medical boards.


This website is dedicated to the North Carolina Medical Board Licensees who have been harmed by the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB), the North Carolina Physicians Health Plan (NCPHP) and affected by the influence of the NCMS.


We also hope that the NC State Officials responsible for the oversight of these agencies will finally no longer hide this ongoing pattern of criminal behavior.


After learning of the Board’s intention’s regarding punishment; feelings of anger, shock, denial, disbelief and extreme anxiety are all common; we’ve been there!  Blind acceptance may follow; a resignation of David fighting a Goliath with limitless power.  A review of the past decade of disciplinary actions by the Board, as summarized on this website including deaths, reveals a pattern of actions that range from negligible to extremely harsh.  Research has not disclosed that anybody has adequately taken them to task for their illegal actions.


The Center for Physicians Rights was established to provide a resource for physicians in the US who have been attacked by State Medical Boards & Physician’s Health programs.


Hopefully, the appropriate legislation can be changed to reflect what is currently needed.  The Board is functioning under laws written in the 1800’s!  If you wish to correspond directly, you are encouraged to do so;


There are certain "Do's" and "don't" rules to follow when notified of ANY Medical Board investigation/Notice of "Existence of Information".


The NCMB History, Function & Operations are well documented and demarcated per North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 90.



-Is the NCMB, NCMS & NCPHP (the “Big 3”), collectively, a criminal organization?  Are they involved in criminal behaviors? 

-What they do IS as CRIMINAL as it is illegal, as this site will demonstrate.

-To answer these questions, it’s necessary to review certain definitions so that we are all speaking the same language.


The US Constitution does not apply to NCMB licensees!

-Violations of the our basic Bill of Rights, the US Constitution and it's Amendments is commonplace!

-Our guarantees of Basic Civil Rights are ignored.

-Constitutional Amendments that are routinely violated include; 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, & 14

-Numerous other North Carolina State & Federal Statutes are also routinely violated.


Basic HIPAA rights and protection afforded by the Americans with Disabilities Act:

Mandates accommodation for disabilities are ignored, the NCMB treats disabilities by discrimination.


Sovereign Immunity:

-Historically, governments try to hide behind this concept to exempt them from liability.

-Sovereign immunity does not work with the actions of the “Big 3” for a variety of reasons. 

-Most notably that their abdication of responsibility transcends mere negligence, rising to that of malice, tortious conduct as a pattern of doing business.


Involvement of the NC State Auditor;

-Although there has been some review of the NCPHP, the NCMB has never been audited. 

-Numerous observers felt that the review of the NCPHP was painted in a manner that minimized their deficiencies.

-August 2014 the NCOSA published a financial audit of the licensing and professional boards in NC, finding ALL of them were deficient in their reporting requirements for state oversight as mandated by NC General Statutes.

-February 25 2015 the SCOTUS ruled against the NC Dental Board largely on the basis that there was inadequate state supervision of the NC Dental Board.  This level of state supervision is required for a Board to function as a professional board.  Without such supervision, the entity is a “Board” in name only.

-By simple logic, this implies that there are no legitimate professional boards in North Carolina other than “in name only”.


A Review of NCMB Actions for the past Decade was completed:  

-The findings were reprehensible! 

-This was the action leading to the creation of this site. 

-The word “arbitrary” does not begin to describe the manner in which disciplinary actions are taken. 

-When coupled with other findings, such as specific “defense” attorneys being recommended to investigated licensees by the NCMB staff, to the exorbitant fees charged “up-front” lead to concerns that there was an ongoing quid pro quo arrangement rising to the level of a RICO act among all of the parties involved.


The “Big 3”; Relationship between the NCMB, NCMS & NCPHP—Corruption, Negligence & More:

-You just can’t make this stuff up!”.  It is so unbelievable that few believe it happens until they’re subjected to it, then find themselves in a nightmare with no way out.


-Practitioners whose patients have died due to negligence get a “Letter of Concern”.  Other than that, the NCMB Legal Department is responsible for more deaths than all of the allegedly “impaired” providers who have been persecuted, practitioners who have not harmed a single patient!


Victims of the “Big 3”;

-This is a list of those who have been harmed. 

-4 Groups were developed based on the alleged (we say alleged because it’s hard to find a factual “Consent Order” or other order in the entire group!) nature of their wrongdoing; Boundary Issues, Boundary & Substance Abuse issues, Legal Issues, Negligence Issues and Substance Abuse Issues.

Deaths due to the “Big 3”;

-Yes, as hard as it to believe, people are dying at the hands of the “Big 3”, active suicide is the easiest form to recognize, and there is also “passive suicide” in which one stops taking life-saving medications while awaiting a lethal complication. 

-This has been documented among practitioners. 

-It has happened, but is more difficult to document among their patients.


Principals include "Defense" AttorneysNCMB Board Members,  "Legal" Department & the NCPHP:

-The “Cast of Characters”, Perpetrators, can no longer hide.


There are numerous avenues/inroads/legal specialties appropriate to dealing with the corruption in the “Big 3”:-The problem is huge, has injured so many people, has so many facets and entry points that many law firms have felt inadequate to approach the opportunity.

-As with any large problem, the opportunity and reward is also potentially huge for any entity willing and able to address the many issues.


Legal Precedents & Principles:

-There is a long history of issues with the “Big 3”

-There have been numerous rulings by a variety of US Courts that remove the myth of “Sovereign Immunity” that state entities can allegedly hide behind.

-This is especially true for torts.


North Carolina Officials to be contacted:

-There is a lot that needs to be done for every practitioner who has been violated.

-Each of these officials have been notified of the problems with the “Big 3” at least once.

-Legally, this raises their culpability from simple negligence to malicious behavior, a tortious process that is almost as severe as the criminal—not merely illegal actions of the “Big 3”.


Other groups are forming to provide moral support and help address these issues.


Suggestions to Correct the Current Problems with the "Big 3":


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